Monday, April 7, 2008


Am at computer with baby fast asleep in babysling. Will have to make this quick before he wakes.

A few things have happened since I blogged last:

Carol had her baby: Annabel. A gorgeous little imp (tiny! compared to Rory!) with a shock of red hair. When we visited her a couple of weeks ago, I swear the blanket weighed more than she did when I held her. Beautiful - I'm looking forward to watching Rory and his cousin (or should that be un-cousin?) Annabel grow up, and share photos with Carol along the way.

Wild, woolly weather throughout Vic last week - the weekly Wednesday dinner at Mum & Dad's was an interesting experience - power was out for the evening so we ate by candlelight and sat and chatted (as well as doing the quizzes from the newspapers).

We (parents, brother, SIL, Corey, Rory & myself) went to MaQuay in Hastings for Mum's birthday on Saturday night. Rory managed to behave himself - being passed around the table to keep both him and us six entertained.

MIL arrived back from NZ the other week, she had a blast and regaled us all with her adventurous feats!

Anyway, Corey is in the midst of planning his 30th birthday - a hangi - so I'd better make something of a start on the invites.