Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the fourth month

This week Rory turns 4 months old. We've had some real highlights so far:
  • We attended a sleep clinic in Koo Wee Rup a couple of weeks ago. Though Rory slept during the night well - but haphazardly during the day - I wanted to get his sleep practices in order. And aside from falling asleep in the car and in the stroller, he's never really had to fall asleep by himself. We've always rocked him to sleep. The most sleep I could get out of him during the day was in 45 - 1 and a half hour stints. The sleep clinic worked a treat - we spent one day there (which I was sceptical of - how can you get results in one day?!) and put him to bed a couple of times, and had to resettle him once he woke up after 45 mins. The resettling was hard, but towards the end of last week and this week, I've not needed to resettle him at all. Now I'm getting one-and-a-half and 2 hour sleep stints out of him! Yesterday, he did so well I had to wake him each time after his 2-hour sleeps! As a result, the amount of bottles consumed and the amount of nappies changed has reduced. And his Dad and I can actually spend some time together, without baby!
  • Today's achievement was his 4-month old vaccinations. Again, like those he had at 2 months, he had one oral and 2 injections. No crying, just a small squawk and that was it. So proud!
In other news, we've finally got the permit for hubby's shed (although have had to move the location due to stupid council laws and council fees) and the airline tickets for QLD in October have been booked. Now I need to organise the hire car, car storage (at tullamarine), book the dog into a kennel and so on...