Friday, September 3, 2010

a win

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Because I rarely win things -- thought I'd share this. Each week, my gym has a competition for those who come in at least 3 times a week.

This week, I won! A snazzy Contours backpack is nothing to sniff at (and it's quite comfy to wear, too).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arrival of spring & clean-outs

Another quiet period between posts. Typically, I can't think of much that has happened - Winter, for the main part. It's cold in our house, we have no central heating, and the main heating unit is in the lounge/communal area. The only other heater we have is one of those standup, moveable metal oil heaters, which resides in Rory's room during the winter months. Thankfully yesterday marked the first day of spring - though you wouldn't know it from the persistence of rain - so the weather is on the way up.

Along with the onset of spring, the vegetable/herb garden has been re-invigorated with more vegetable seedlings and herb seedlings, some herbs have been transplanted to other areas to make better use of the space and the citrus plants which will one day be 'espaliered' are slowly getting bigger. I'd love to take a picture and upload it of the revamped garden, but someone (who recently turned 2 1/2) broke the camera and until I can get a new one, I've borrowed my father's "pink" digital camera however don't have the means to upload just yet.

Today the small boy and I are having a day at home, we're both suffering colds (his is worse than mine so far) so I took the opportunity to do a stocktake of the pantry (how many cans of tinned tomato and corn kernels have I?!) and make use of some overripe bananas. Next stop, resorting the plastics cupboard. I'm still avoiding completing the study clean up/sorting, as I know I'll need at least one full Rory-free day to do this. Maybe I'll feel motivated this weekend? Though wouldn't you know it, sunshine is predicted for Saturday and who wants to spend time indoors?!