Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 months

Rory is now 3 months old. He's currently asleep in his stroller - a walk round the streets and a quick visit to the vet to pick up some dog worming tablets did the trick. He's growing, growing, growing. Now he's into size 00 clothing (usually for 6 month olds).

Yesterday we had our last Mothers Group meeting at Crib Point, and now we have to work out where and when we want to meet on our own, as a playgroup. Because there were only 5 mums present (out of the usual 10), we'll meet same place, same time next week - hopefully we can decide then.

Corey is possibly working next week away at Sale on a big job, so that will prove to be an interesting week without him.

My efforts at the gym are also going well, and I'm starting to reap the rewards there.

An old friend from High School contacted me last week - she's moved back with her family to Vic from WA. She visited last Monday with her little boy - it was good to see how much she had changed, and also, how much she hadn't changed. If that makes any sense.

Monday, May 12, 2008

As the year progresses, the months are flying by.

Baby Update: Rory is nearly 11 weeks old and is a real joy. We've finally nailed down the feed-play-sleep practice without even meaning to. While he doesn't like sleeping a lot during the day (too many things to see!), he sleeps well during the night, only waking for meals and then falling asleep straight after. Touch wood. I keep saying that so I don't jinx myself!I'm getting more confident with taking him out by myself, knowing that I can handle him now that he's older and a little more manageable.

In Other News:
  • Corey had his 30th recently and we had a kiwi hangi, which went very well.
  • We attended our antenatal class reunion, which was good to meet up with all the other new parents and their babies and exchange war stories.
  • Saw The Other Boleyn Girl and Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, the latter being a neat movies - recommend it to anyone.
  • My first Mothers Day went ok, despite being incredibly tired.
  • The DVD player packed it in, so we had to get a new one (boo JB HIFI for dodgy service!)

...more later (baby has awoke!)