Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Christmas came and went. Now we're in the New Year with still more jobs about the house to do, and a crapload more toys to clean up after. And that's only one child, I don't even want to think about how bad it will be when the next one arrives!

Speaking of which, we finally told Rory about the new baby and he seems pretty unfussed and unfazed. Perhaps he's already been clued in, due to the various references dropped about the place by close family and friends. At least we have had the advantage of several friends (and his Aunt) going through the pregnancy stages and the end result of babies, so I think he has a fair idea of what's going to happen. Fat belly = baby.

The break between Christmas and New Years gave hubby the opportunity to knock over several tasks around the house - set up the new outdoor setting, install lighting under the pergola, connect piping from water tank to vegetable garden (which is thriving, as you can see from photos above). He still wants to complete the rendering of the house - and after that, redo the paving out the back. He's also built the wooden Thomas train layout tray which slides neatly under Rory's bed, as well as rebuilding the sand pit so it's much bigger and Rory's digger (his Christmas present from Gran & Pa) seats neatly in it, with plenty of space for digging.

New Years Eve was spent trying to avoid the heat - and for me, the sun (despite managing to get myself sunburnt twice in 2 weeks) - and we caught up with Corey's Aunt and cousin (and extended family) for a late lunch, and later, a quiet evening our close friend's place, munching on home made, woodfired pizzas. Home by 10 - the small boy thrown into bed. His parents fell asleep on the couch and were in bed by 11.50pm. Clearly, the most quietest of New Years evenings we've had.

Merry New Years!
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