Tuesday, April 30, 2013

two out of three

Apparently the naughty child has stayed home with me today.

Usually, it's R pushing my buttons. M, just shy of turning 2 (14 days to go!) has perhaps (I say perhaps because maybe today's antics are a blip) entered the terrible twos phase.

This morning was going swimmingly. As usual, I was harrassing R to get dressed. Seriously, how hard is it when your clothes have been laid out for you? I was organised, I'd made lunch, packed R's lunchbox, put a load of washing on, got dressed, got M dressed, checked R's schoolbag. I neglected to see M push the chair up to the kitchen bench and reach for the ...

Sat down to read a book on the couch or something. Then I noticed it. A squidged up bag of red, tan, and yellow. Which was... Rory's lunch. M had emptied R's lunchbox. His staple "tomato and cheese sandwich" was ruined. Perhaps what set me off more was that we don't have any tomatoes from the garden, sadly on their way out, and now I'd have to make the sandwich all over again.

I blew up. Those kids didn't know what hit 'em. The lounge was tidied up promptly, the naughty child became quite quiet and offered apologetic hugs to anyone.

Crisis over, lunch remade, off to school. Out and about to do errands, home again and proceeded to hang out the washing. Then M decides emptying the packet of lawn seeds his father has left on the porch all over the concrete is a fantastic idea. So again, he's in trouble and made to sit by himself whilst I sweep it all up and PUT IT AWAY.

It's nearly lunchtime and M will be served that mangled lunch. If things come in threes, I dread to think what this afternoon holds in store.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

What's the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying

Twenty years ago, there was an amazing Australian stage production (nay, Arena Spectacular!) of Jesus Christ Superstar that starred John Farnham, Kate Cerberano, Jon Stevens (of Noiseworks), John Waters and even Angry Anderson. Twenty years ago, I was in Year 8 at High School, and my introduction to the world of musicals had only just begun.  I recall massive publicity about this production, even TV HITS (my teenage magazine of choice, which educated me on what was hot and what was not) had a pullout poster. Which did grace my bedroom wall for far longer than appropriate.

Twenty years ago, I asked my Aunt to copy her newly purchased Australian Cast recording of this production onto cassette for me (a common practice back then), later posting the photocopied lyrics booklet to me) and I listened to it religiously (no pun intended). I fell in love it the lyrics, the catchy composition and I adored the vocal idiosyncracies of the performers. To this day I can still sing all the lyrics verbatim.

The album hasn’t lost much over the years. Ok, there’s some twee musical stylings that scream 1990s, but I still enjoy the passionate delivery of the lyrics. John Water’s Pilate, Angry Anderson’s Herod and John Steven’s Judas portrayals were delicious. Kate Cerberano and John Farnham, I could take or leave (as I do now, with the latter), but if it was possible to fall in love with the incredulity and snarling that Mssrs Stevens and Waters delivered in their singing, I was gone.

I’m not sure if it was the start of my maturity as a song listener, but musicals were a staple in my Walkman as a teenager. Even now, I’ll hear a snippet of one (from publicity from an upcoming production) and it transports me back there and I’m walking to school, blissfully lost in the music. There’s a current tour advertised now – and if I ever had one regret, it was that I never went to that production twenty years ago. 

Twenty years later, perhaps  I can convince someone to buy me a ticket…

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Skip 2

2 years since an entry. That's lazy on a large scale. Life gets in the way. Have been inspired by a fellow mum's musings to commit fingers to keyboard once again.

An update:

M is nearly 2. Words are coming thick and fast. A real little boy. Now I have 2! Adores swimming.

R is 5, has started school (in Prep and absolutely loves it). Adores Lego.

C is still in the same job as usual, but with added 'official' responsibilities and authority. He had those before, as 2nd in charge, now it's official as a director of the business. Forever touting how great '50 Shades of Grey' is. (Note: I've yet to meet another male who will admit to reading it - at all, or readily as much as C does)

I'm still plugging away at the gym, finally at a size I'm happy with. Still a Stay At Home Mum but with the added passion that comes with being the coordinator of the local toy library. Still annoyed at the constant state of mess that 3 males manage to create and be blissfully aware of until I start making noise about it.

Old friends still remain, and new friends have joined our circle. My mothers group is still chugging along although our meet ups are a bit sporadic now that 3 (of the original 4) of us have kids at school 5 days a week.

Family remains the same, with added hiccups along the way. There's been a niece added, no nephews. No big family events that I can think of.

Friends have gotten married, had babies (or are in the process of brewing them). Close friends also seem to be in a constant flux of turmoil, as soon as it settles then more dust is kicked up. It's not enjoyable watching this from the sidelines.

House is still slowly improving. The entertaining area is pretty much complete, with the paving completely redone, the pergola finished & painted and some nice outdoor furniture obtained. The herb garden thrives, as are the espaliered citrus trees (fruit on the way, yet to ripen). Front garden is gone, replaced by gravel driveway, 2 parking 'areas' and mulched native plant areas. Front fence has been replaced (yay!) with a grey colourbond fence that features a sliding (driveway) gate and pedestrian access gate. We are now a Compound.

Oh yeah, and our neighbour died and we didn't learn until 2+ months later. (Note: his family knew, just not us)