Friday, April 22, 2011

Waiting, wishing...

So, right now am wishing that this pregnancy would live up to this blog's name and 'skip to the end'. Currently, 38 weeks and feel like I'm carrying a bag of bricks.

Fortunately, unlike last pregnancy, I'm in a better mindset as to what to expect. And, not suffering high blood pressure, suspected kidney stone, pelvic soreness or a blind sense of panic.
Unfortunately, like last pregnancy, have been suffering from reflux/heartburn (much worse than last time) and lack of sleep (not helped by 3 year old).

Things different from last time - have kept much fitter, still going to gym throughout pregnancy (although tomorrow - Saturday - will probably be my last visit). Have maintained better figure - still managing to fit in size 14 clothes (and thus, maternity clothing looks slightly more welcoming), despite putting on some 20 kilos - hopefully due to internal child and water retention! Recent blood test showed iron deficiency, so taking supplements to combat that. And, another plus, breasts appear bigger so perhaps breastfeeding might actually work this time. (But I'm not going to let it do my head in if it doesn't, like last time).

And, as per last pregnancy, adopting the 'slug' pose (lying sideways on couch/bed) is still the most favourable position. I can't wait to be able to lie on my back again and get back to the gym!