Monday, April 26, 2010

ANZAC Day Weekend

Spent the l-o-n-g weekend at Leongatha, with Corey's family friends. A chance for us to do nothing (finished a book, started another), not cook (2 dinners out, 1 lunch of chips & pies), be amused by local (Gippsland) advertising on television, and of course, catch up with the family. Returned home and spent the remainder of long weekend with family and friends down at Balnarring.

Saturday: Down to Leongatha just after lunch, chatted, relaxed, played on the playground (small boy, not me). Dinner at local Chinese where everythign that could go wrong, *did* go wrong. Dinner disagreed with small boy so most of Saturday night (from 10pm onwards) was spent cleaning up sick).

Sunday: Ben was dropped off on Sunday at Kay & Bim's. Out on Bim's boat down at Inverloch - he took Corey, Rory (first time on a boat) and Ben out on the water while Kay and I traipsed around Inverloch for lunch. Out of 2 pie shops (the one that claimed "50 varieties of pies" had sold out of pies), we bought hot chips, pies and chips for lunch, eating them at 'Pensioner's Corner' where Bim had driven the boat. Dinner at Leongatha RSL, boy was well behaved at dinner, unlike previous night. Finished early, battled with Rory to get him into bed whilst Corey had retired early.

Monday: Drove back to Hastings, baked some scones and took lunch down to Kim & Kylie's with Rohan & Kinga (& Huon) joining us. Corey helped Kim put some of their new kitchen together.
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K_Bom said...

Oh Claire - NOT the Leongatha Chinese! MSG overload - poor Rory!

ninevah said...

It was the Chinese restaurant behind Safeway... "Jade something"?? I believe Leongatha has 2 chinese restaurants??

Personally, I believe it was due to Rory mixing the sweet&sour sauce in his lemonade, then drinking concoction. Don't know if he's learnt his lesson yet!