Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I attacked the study... again. It's the room that bugs me the most, it's a dumping ground for stuff that can't be sorted, filed, organised, or be bothered with until later. This week, it forms part of my 'to-do' list. So I borrowed Dad's shredder...

Last week, while Corey was away working in Gippsland all week, I set myself a long list of things to do around the house and gradually chipped away at it. While I didn't finish the list, I crossed off most of the items and was pretty pleased that I (mostly) stuck to it. So last week, I was cleaning the house like a woman possessed.

This week, Corey is away again, so my goal is organising/tidying/cleaning the study. Today's first step was sorting the various piles of paper and 'things' into piles on the floor and removing all the financial & work related bits of paper that were older than 7 years. These got shredded, a slightly cathartic activity. Fingers crossed I can keep up the effort and have the study sparkling by the end of the week!

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