Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today marks 30 weeks of gestation... which means 10 more weeks (or thereabouts) or 70 days (or thereabouts). everyone comments how quick it's been, but it doesn't feel like that to me!

Had yet another blood test last saturday, to test for iron levels/deficiency. heard back from the doctor's clinic today that it was perfectly normal. So that's yet another relief. It's been strangely comforting that (touch wood) everything has been going so well. No morning sickness, no gestational diabetes, no iron deficiency, no problems with blood pressure. The only complaint is the heartburn, but that comes and goes.

Stomach is getting bigger and harder. Doesn't take much to prompt movement from the baby. No odd cravings either, come to think of it.

Ok, that's enough of obligatory gestation talk.

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Utopiana said...

That's all good news Claire, I am really glad to hear it. Hope you take it suitably bludgy in this last part of the pregnancy. You and the man also need to get away for a romantic weekend asap, as who knows when you will get another chance :P

All the best, CL