Thursday, January 24, 2008

hodge podge

a) This week I started maternity leave. I'm intending to use this time to get the house in order. Now, to stop procrastinating and start filing... [sigh]

b) All this hoo-ha in the news with Heath Ledger's death. Meh.I felt sadder on hearing Sir Edmund Hillary's death than I have about some acting celebrity, even if they are an Australian.

c) Watched 3 movies yesterday: No Reservations, Hairspray and Stardust. Of the three, I highly recommend Stardust - well worth adding to the dvd collection.

d) Night 2 of Antenatal classes went well, with most participants a lot more relaxed. Plus, one of the blokes, Fred (of Elfred's) brought in beautiful biccies and cakes to share.


Utopiana said...

Hairspray was a bubbly little film, not sure if I liked it. Will check out Stardust, and am hanging to see Juno. Have you see that?

How many weeks to go now?

ninevah said...

We are keen to check out Juno too. Maybe I can convince the boy to see it this weekend (when he's not redoing the bathroom).

As of today, officially 3 weeks.

Utopiana said...

Saw Juno. I reckon you'd like it. I liked it, not sure if I loved it though