Monday, January 7, 2008

after the deluge

The week before Christmas - the week I was off sick recovering from the UTI or kidney stone - the building I work in was heavily affected by storm damage. Work's location - in East Burwood - was one of the worst hit. I had heard on the news (when at home) that the storm was particularly bad in Glen Waverly. So Building 4 was hit worst. Specifically, the first floor - the floor I work on. The rain apparently came down so hard it was almost black outside, and the gutters overflowed and the rain seeped through the ceiling. One workmate said it was like someone had turned the fire alarm sprinklers on inside.

Consequently, the whole floor was practically gutted - and everyone on that floor was relegated elsewhere to work. I came back to work today - all the others in my team were still on holidays and don't come back for another 2 weeks - to no desk, no computer, nothing.

Venturing over to the other building (building 8, the main building), I found a desk, and spent half the day setting up the makeshift computer. I traipsed back to the other building, where the carpet had been pulled up (all that was left was the concrete floor), and the floor devoid of furniture. The walls had been repainted, and I managed to find some boxes of my work stuff in a far corner. Thankfully I had been organised prior to taking leave, so it was easy to grab some work and head back to my makeshift desk.

Given that I only have 2 weeks before I start maternity leave, I had considered pissing off home again, but I think I'll make the best of it and tie up those loose ends.

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