Friday, March 21, 2008

easter and all that

Easter's here (how did that creep up so fast?), it's nearly April and Rory is now just over three weeks old. Time is flying - days go so fast and nothing's getting done except for that which concerns Rory, which is okay for me!

The last couple of days have been full of visits - first to my old workplace yesterday in Burwood East (I don't miss the drive to and from AT ALL!) where Rory was introduced to workmates - and the recently purchased babysling worked a treat. This morning we visited fire brigade friends Rob and Jo and this afternoon we visited the girls in Balnarring.

Now I'm paying bills online and am exhausted. Time for a nap.


Utopiana said...

any updated pics yet Claire?

ninevah said...

Oops - here's a page for you to bookmark:

It gets updated regularly.

Cheers, CK