Friday, March 7, 2008

something to talk about

"I've been dreaming
of the things
I've learnt about a boy

(Something to Talk About - Badly Drawn Boy)

It's been a week and 2 days since Rory was born. After a long inducement, which started Monday 25th Feb, he made his entrance in the small hours on Wednesday (27th Feb) morning. Our much anticipated, long awaited son weighed in at 9lb, 6oz and entitled his mother to many stitches.

In the days that followed, we've had many phone calls, cards and parcels. We've slowly become accustomed to this individual who now rules the household. We've begun the habits of sleeping/changing/feeding shift changes. We've adopted new measures for settling and soothing. We've learnt that 3am television sucks.

Still wouldn't change it for the world, we're both utterly, utterly in love with this gorgeous little monkey. Still can't believe that he's here.


Utopiana said...

Claire, I so have to ask, how long was the labour?

And so you guys should be in love with him too, he is utterly beautiful.

ninevah said...

Hard to say, really. The paperwork says about 12 hours all up, but because I was induced on Monday 25th Feb and didn't have Rory until Wednesday 27th, it all really blurs for me.