Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the week that was ... not very exciting

Not a great deal has happened over the last week. So here's a quick wrap of happenings and thoughts from the previous week and the first half of this week:

  • Rory's new 'tricks' include grabbing his feet and rolling to the right (not to the left, as yet), blowing rasperries, chatting a lot when he's tired and (today) sticking his tongue out all the time. He had a checkup with the maternal health nurse - he now weighs 10.5kg!
  • Progress on the shed has stopped momentarily, given Corey's workload (he barely got much of a weekend at all), but I think the concrete will be happening on Saturday, whilst I'm at a brigade shopping tour.
  • Mother's Group was at our place the previous Tuesday, and at Carter's place this Monday gone, as a couple of the mums (+ babies) are going to a sleep/settling class down in Rosebud. Jake and his Mum have now moved back to Tasmania, so it'll just be the four mums-and-babies at mothers group from now on.
  • In baby news: Received a thankyou card from Michelle and her bubby Kiara - thanks very much, it's quite pretty! Mark & Lisa had a baby boy - Cody, and Donna and her hubby had a little girl named Molly. Still waiting to hear from Philippa, who's baby is due any day now.
  • Trying to get a few odd jobs done - finish off the brigade annual report, do some sewing for mum, finish off that "cheats" quilt... would be nice to have time to do it in more than 2-hour blocks, but considering, I'm more than lucky to be able to get Rory down for that amount of time anyway. So I guess I shouldn't complain too much.
  • Gym is still going well - had a weigh-and-measure done - since I've started, I've lost 11 kg! Given Rory's weight now, I've practically lost a baby! :)

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