Tuesday, September 23, 2008

roly rory

Rereading my last point - there's one thing quite clear. No sooner had I written that not much happens, Rory starts rolling! Well, rolling to the right from his belly to his back. Still babbling quite a bit and using his talent of blowing raspberries to make it quite clear when he's bored, when he's had enough of *that* food thankyou, or when he's tired.

He had a food-related tantrum today - trying to get to eat some swede (on the last day of the new-food-3-day-trial routine) which he refused to. So I mixed in some pumpkin. Wasn't having any of that. Finally ended up feeding him leftover apple/mango combination and banana and he was satisfied. I'm not surprised he's not keen on swede, we don't eat it now and I'm still not a fan of it, even as an adult. I wonder how he'll go with the parsnip?

Booked him in for swimming lessons with the rest of the mother's group yesterday, that starts on 9th Oct - the day we fly to Qld. But we'll rejoin them after we get back. Should be good, considering how much fun Rory has in the bath at the moment.

In other baby news, heard from Corey that Daniel & Kylie had their baby, a girl, this morning. No news on name or weight, but should hear more about it soon.

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