Thursday, October 2, 2008

countdown to queensland

It's countdown time for the Queensland trip next week, for the wedding of Aaron & Zoe. Although you could say we've been in countdown mode since October last year, when the wedding planning [freaking out] started happening.

Rory's now 7 months old and I can't believe we're in October now. He hasn't displayed any new tricks since the last couple of weeks (rolling to the right etc) except that now he enjoys sticking his feet in his mouth.

Corey's shed has a concrete floor now, and only needs the guttering put on to be complete. Once that's done, then the final permit inspection can be carried out and hopefully have all that done and dusted.

Mum & Dad left for their Sth American trip extravaganza on Wednesday, I miss them already. 6 + weeks. I wonder how much Rory will have changed by then.

Finished the quilt, finished the sewing for mum, nearly finished the annual report (all that's needed is a proofing, cover complete, printing and binding). The ticks are getting in the boxes... Next week's task is to start packing...

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