Saturday, October 18, 2008

home again

Well, we got home from the QLD trip on Wednesday night and it's pretty much the middle of October already. The wedding of Aaron and Zoe was interesting, somewhat of a blur ...with cold weather. We visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, spent lots of time with Murray and Brenda. Nana (Vicki) had a ball with Rory, and we celebrated Troy's 29th birthday with lots of yummy cake and pizza. Rory cut two teeth (1 top, 1 bottom) and charmed all.

Now we're back to normalcy - life in Hastings didn't stop (although it always feel like it should when you're on holidays). Back to the gym, back to the baby routine. Baby swimming on Thursday was fun, good to catch up with the girls from Mothers Group. The shed is nearly finished, Corey put the remaining guttering out and the downpipes now need to be connected (to something, I think!).

My 30th birthday is next week, need to get my head around that - getting organised and whatnot. Ordered the meat for the spits, now need to figure out the rest! :)

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