Sunday, August 31, 2008

baby's first cold

His cough, which had been persisting on and off over the last week, yesterday got noticeably and decidely worse, and now sounds a bit chesty/bronchial. Eyes watering, nose running. Up till 12 last night, checked his temperature (normalish). Corey woke up as he heard the boy's terrible coughing, stood in the doorway of R's room while I was giving him some baby panadol and scared me half to death. Grumpily told him off. When I was in bed 5 minutes later, he was dead to the world. Probably won't even remember getting up. At this point, my head had gone out in sympathy - scratchy throat, nose running, bit of a cough. Now I've got the cold as well. Corey up at 5 this morning to give him a bottle. Said he looked worse. The boy is grumpier when he coughs and his nose is streaming... clearly a bit painful, and gets whingey. Dislikes having his face wiped immensely. After his morning nap, he woke up with smile to his dad and mum and looked much better. Still has the terrible sounding cough, but nose and eyes seem to be watering a little less.

UPDATE (2/9/08): Visited the Doctor, who diagnosed Bronchiolitis, which is a common chest infection in babies, and usually starts out as a cold. Nothing can be prescribed, and the GP said we were doing the right thing by giving baby panadol and plenty of bed rest. Just need to ride it out apparently the cough can last for some weeks. Said we should be alright for mother's group today, the infectious period has probably past.

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