Saturday, August 30, 2008

lazy saturday

This weekend we have no plans. Well, I have no plans, just good intentions. A few things - finish off a b'day quilt, do some sewing for mum, do more work on the brigade annual report, pay bills, do filing... maybe this will help me remember. Or maybe not. Corey's plans, as usually lately, have been to get more work done on the shed. As I write, he's managed to get most of the roof on, just as well as it's been spitting on and off for a while.

Nanna (Vicki) visited this morning to see Master 1/2 Year before he went for his morning sleep. We heard from Al - back from overseas this week and up for a chat. He's coming over for tea so that will be fun. He said he's bringing some photos too.

The small boy has a runny nose and seems a bit off his bottle today so have been rectifying it/supplementing it by giving him a little more to eat - need to get him to feed a bit more. As of late, it's just been 2 meals (morning, then lunch) with the usual bottles. Now I'm adding another meal - breakfast (cereal), which we tried this morning and went well. Pureed some carrot and some broccoli and froze them in the Qubies trays. Might try him on the carrot over the next few days, then maybe some broccoli.

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