Thursday, August 14, 2008

busy wednesday

Yesterday was quite busy, so did not have much time to blog.

Had our last library session yesterday - they now will be monthly occurrences. Rory spends most of the time watching the other babies, mums and presenter than paying any attention to me, especially when I'm trying to sing and do hand gestures! The rest of the other Mums & bubs from Mothers Group were there - except for Jake's mum, who had prior committments. We don't see Lexie and her Mum anymore at Mother's Group (she doesn't seem to bother contacting us at all now), so I think we'll probably stop letting her know when it's on and where.

Afterwards, we went to Mum & Dad's for the weekly Weds dinner. Tried feeding Rory pumpkin for the first time - went better than our experiement with the pureed apple. At least he only upchucked a little this time. He was very entertaining at dinner, and had us all in stitches with his raspberry-blowing, which seems to be his new favourite past time.

Today's going to be quite busy too: we're off to CFA HQ in Burwood to visit work colleagues. If we have time, I might try to drop in at Region 8 HQ, but I'll see how Rory and I go.

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