Tuesday, August 12, 2008

soup and slices

Day 2 of my blogging challenge, fingers crossed I stick to it.

Mother's Group was at my house today, so we had the usual 4 mums, plus the return of Jake's mum, who'd been in QLD for the past month (with Jake, I must add). It was good to have her back. Made pumpkin soup, lemon slice and double-choc fudge brownies, which all went down well.

The babies are growing hugely, and a no longer the sleepy little blobs that they once were when Mothers Group first started. Now they're little blobs (well, the boys anyway, because they still don't move much) with their personalities beginning to shine through. And they're beginning to interact with each other as well, which is quite amusing to watch.

Corey's just come back from getting his tax done ... amazingly his group certificate was done in August (not October like last year!) so we'll have some money to [sigh] put on those credit cards.

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