Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tuesday mothers group

It's midday, the boy is asleep and I've just finished lunch (dinner leftovers). Mother's Group is on today, and I'll be leaving in about an hour. It's at Tyler's Mum's house, which conveniently is quite close to home - as is Carter's Mum's place. Taking some homemade double choc (dairy and white) biscuits which I hope will be appreciated - means there'll be less at home to tempt me!

Yesterday we visited an old high school friend, Sally and her little boy Max, who is nearly 1 and a half. Rory was very well behaved, and went for his nap without a peep. It was nice to chat with Sally about motherhood and stuff, and catch up with her since she's been interstate for many years.

Tomorrow is a big day for Rory - he'll be 0.5 years old (the big 6 MONTHS!). He also has his 6 month vaccinations and a baby reading session at the library. He's fast growing out of his size 00 clothing, and I've just gone through his size 0 clothing and put it in the drawers. Size 00 clothing now gets relegated to the storage tubs.

Still thinking of what to do for my 30th birthday in October, and who to invite. I want it relaxed and easy going - no stress, no food for me to organise and no dishes for me to clean...

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