Saturday, August 16, 2008

shopping. and stuff.

Yesterday's excitement was a trip to the supermarket with the small boy, buying tantalising goods of the cheaper (homebrand) variety. I deliberately didn't buy any fresh produce, figuring I'd get it at the Pearcedale Farmer's Market on Saturday.

Friday evening was spent visiting a friend of a friend's baby shower, taking the small boy along for 'show and tell' - a sort of "Here's one I've prepared earlier!" - to the 3 heavily pregnant ladies there. 2 of them are due on the same day in September: one looks absolutely ready to burst, and the other only looking like she's half done.

Today (Saturday), Kim and I went to the aforementioned farmers market with the small boy, while the bigger boy went about concreting the shed footings, with the help of workmate Nick. Arrived at the market, to be slugged $2 per person, for about 10 stalls arranged in a circle (one selling each variety of produce: ie, pasta, beef, vegetables, jams/chutneys, flowers, olive oil, eggs, potatoes, bread and cakes, etc). All the stalls (bar a couple) had exhorbitant prices on their goods, and I'm too ashamed to say how much was spent on a hummingbird cake (which better be bloody good, I can tell you!). Fair enough the produce was fresh - but charging that much? Jeez!

So, Kim and I ended our trip back in Hastings, buying fruit/veg from Hastings Fruit Supply. There's a lot to be said about quality goods for quality prices and I'll be steering clear of farmers markets for quite a while now. Grr.

In other news, Rory's been producing lovely orange poos thanks to the pumpkin he's been trialling.

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