Thursday, August 21, 2008

rainy thursday

Yesterday was quite busy - a walk in the morning to the library and a quick stop at K-Mart (where it used to be the cheapest) for some S26 formula. Home - and then got organised to go to Mum and Dad's (Grandma and Grandpa's) for tea.

Rory had his third serving of Heinz pureed apple today - and while he ate it all, he still made the scrunched up faces ... probably due to the tartness of it. Tomorrow we'll try the sweet potato.

Given today's weather, it's been an all-inside day today. No walks :( I did make some choc chip biscuits which came out really nice. Vicki (Nanna) is over for dinner tonight so I'm actually expecting her to turn up fairly soon (as I write).

Rory's getting stronger at tummy time, which he's getting more tolerant of. He's now able to sit unassisted for a little while, and if he starts to lean to one side, he'll balance himself right. Not all the time, as he still manages to fall to one side and plant his face on the floor.

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